Netflix Takes Back Quikster

October 11, 2011


netflix movies

Netflix had actually split down the middle last year which was going to end up making two companies instead of one.  This was supposed to be beneficial for Netflix, but it seems like it might have been the wrong way to go.  They split Netflix into two divisions because their subscription rate was up past 50% which brought in more profit than it had in the past.  The “part 2″ of Netflix was given the name Quikster and was a website that was going to handle the by-mail physical media.  Netflix was going to start to offer movie streaming through its website. Unfortunately, Netflix’s plan to split into two has backfired.  They have already canceled Quikster and went back to having their subscribers use the Netflix website again.  Now we know that the Quikster part of Netflix fell out, but will the talk of video games fall as well?

netflix games

There was talk that Netflix would be adding Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox360 games to the subscription service.  Where are these games?  Since Quikster was taken back within such short time of its release, we don’t even know if video games will ever be a part of the Netflix subscription service.  These plans keep being planned without any type of execution.  Will Netflix leave us hanging in the dark until they decide to bring games to the subscription service?  They were even offering premium pricing which would definitely get more people to subscribe to a game portion of Netflix.  A subscription to games on Netflix would, in my opinion, sky rocket the sales.  People spend a lot of their time either watching television or playing videos games.  Netflix would be able to bring both to the table and that is exactly what everyone would want.  I know people who solely depend on Netflix for their television source.  People often times don’t even buy cable anymore if they are never in their house.  They have turned to Netflix in order to watch television or movies.  I could see the same thing happening with

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